About Us

imageEach year a new programme is drawn up by the Committee and includes as many different topics as time allows taking into consideration members' requests for any given subject. Included in this framework are two-monthly evening meetings where we might have a guest speaker from outside, a visit from another Philatelic Society, Members' Evenings incorporating a specific subject or a Workshop dealing with general items such as 'Detecting Watermarks'. Regular raffles and Mini-Auctions feature together with Competitions and Social Meetings. There is an annual auction in April.

During the season, which runs from September to May, there are two Daytime Meetings starting at 10am for 10.30am, lunch at a local pub followed by an afternoon session from about 2pm until 3.30pm. These meetings are well attended by neighbouring Societies giving further opportunity to exchange information with an extended 'family' of like minded philatelists. Our usual meeting place is the Scout Hut at Harnham - How to get there »

Meetings start at 7.30 and members (we expect from 18 - 24) arrive between 7 pm and 7.30pm. We start with what is normally a small amount of business and prefer to limit speakers to about 15 minutes to give maximum time for viewing and questions. Meetings finish between 9.15 and 9.30pm.

Meetings are not restricted to members and visitors are always very welcome.

Our well stocked library is open to members on club nights and reference books can be taken home for further study.

If you are interested in the wonderful hobby of stamp collecting please visit the membership page and contact us.