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The Library list is as follows:

Author Title
  81st philatelic congress of GB Handbook - Salisbury 1999
  Anthology of British Africa philately. Special Edition.
  Postal History International vol. 1-8, 1972 to 1979, Journal for postal historia
  World symposium of collectors of Russian Philately, 1995
A.B.P.S. Membership Directory 2006/7
Akerman, C. Collecting and displaying revenue stamps.
Alcock, R.C. British Postmarks. A short history and guide. 1996
Alcock R.C. Maltese cross cancellations of the UK 1970
Allen, John Stamp collectors guide to Europe.
Andrew, James Cancellations of the Falkland Islands & Dependencies. Rob Lowe 1974
Armstrong, D.B. British and colonial stamps
B.P.F. Britains national stamp exhibition.
Bacon, E.D. Reprints of postal adhesive stamps.
Bale, Michael Bale catalogue of Israeli postage.
Barefoot & Hall British Commonwealth revenues.
Beal Post Office The postal service of Sierra Leone.
Bennett, Russell Philatelic terms illustrated.
Berry, Allen P New Zealand - A philatelic miscellany. N.Z. Society of GB 1990
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 34 – G.B. & Empire in Europe part 1
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 35 – G.B. & Empire in Europe part 2
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 38 – British Empire – Asia part 1
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 39 – British Empire – Asia part 2
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 40 – British Empire – Asia part 3
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 41 – British Empire – Australia part 1
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 42 – British Empire – Australia part 2
Billig Philatelic Handbook Vol 43 – Britis h Empire – Australia part 3
Br. Soc.Aust.Phil. The Bulletin Vol 42 Nos 1-6
Br. Soc.Aust.Phil. The Bulletin Vol 43 Nos 1-6
Branson A.J. Introducing postal history
Briggs, Daniel The Bristol Post Office in the age of Rowland Hill 1837-64
Brown, Rowland The plating of the Penny 1840-64. The Great British Phil Soc 1972
Brumell, G. British Post Office number 1844-1906 (1st Ed)
Buckingham, Keith Nauru, 1915 to 1923. A study of the adhesives of G.B. overprinted for use in Nauru
Buckley/Marriott Stamps of Orange Free State.
Cade, Courtney Handbook of British Colonial stamps in use Sept 1949.
Cavendish Auctions The John Sussex Collection of East Africa.
Cooper J.A.L. India used abroad. India's Stamp Journal 1972.
Dalwick, R.E.R. The Gambia Robson Lowe 1953.
Davey, W.E. Irish mileage marks, An introduction to
Davis J.D. The Falklands War. Postal history & stamps of Argentine occupation
Dehn, R.A. Philatelic exhibiting.
Denney, A.H. Militaria. Collecting prints & MSS Photo precision 1973.
Earee, R.B. Album weeds or how to detect a forgery. Gibbons 1892.
Emery. Bob Australian Imperial forces – postal history 1914-18 (1984)
Emery, Bob Supplement to previous entry.
Evans, Maj. E.S. The Mulready Envelope. S.R. Publishers 1970
Farmer, H.V. Seychelles. Robson Lowe
Field/Baldwin The coronation aerial post 1911.
Foxell/Spafford Monarchs of all they surveyed.
Gibbons, S. Elizabethan specialized catalogue.
Gibbons, S. Part 1, British Commonwealth catalogue, A to I, 2000 edition
Gibbons, S. G.B. Vol 1 Queen Victoria
Gibbons, S. Special stamp catalogue Vol 2 KE VII to KG VI
Gordon R.S. U.S. Transatlantic sea post 1891-1917
Gould Dr H. British naval post & censor marks of WW I
Grimwood-Taylor The post of Scotland.
Hall, A. Polish locals.
Harmers Sale catalogue of the Gaetano Vullo collection of air mails
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 1 A to Bulgaria
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 2 Bulgaria to Errors
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 3 Estonia to Italy
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 4 Italy to New Zealand
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 5 New Zealand to St. Thomas
Int. Encyc.Stamps Vol 6 St Thomas to Z + Russia
J.B. The J.B. catalogue of Malta stamps and postal history. (1989)
Jackson, Capt H.G. Railways and airways letter stamps 1891-1917
Lee, Alma Introducing thematic collecting (3 copies)
Levett, J.H. France 1849-1876
Lister, John Simplified Catalogue of Varieties 1958 QEII
Lister, John J.L. variety illustrations No. 1 (1959)
Lister, Raymond College stamps of Oxford and Cambridge Harry Hayes 1974.
Lovegrove, J.W. "Herewith my Frank…" Author 1975.
Lowe, Robson Encyclopeadia Vol 2 The Empire in Africa 1949
Lowe, Robson Encuclopeadia Vol 5 The Empire in North America 1975
Lowe, Robson The British postage stamp. National Postal Museum 1968
Luddington, M.H. The Bahama Islands Robson Lowe 1972
Mackay, James A English and Welsh postmarks since 1840. (1980)
Martin J.J. Togo Postal history of Anglo-French occupation 1914 - 22
Martin/Walton West Africa censorships.
Mellville F.J. The complete philatelist.
Michel Deutschland Katalog 2001/2
N.P.S. Centenary display brochure. Stampx 1999
N.P.S. Centenary display brochure 1899-1999
Newport O.W. Stamps & postal history of the Channel Islands. Heinemann 1972.
P.J.G.B. Philatelic Journal of Great Britain – Robson Lowe (5 issues , June '71 to Mar '77)
Pearson, Patrick Advanced philatelic research. Barker.
Phillips, Stan How to arrange and write up a stamp collection
R.P.S. The postage stamp of Great Britain 1840-1853
R.P.S. The postage stamp of Great Britain pt 2 –prefs. Of line engraved issues
R.P.S. The postal services of the Gold Coast to 1901. (Edited by John Sacher)
R.P.S. Norwegian letter to foreign destinations to 1875
R.P.S. Articles from the last 100 years issues of the "London Philatelist" (ON CD ROM)
Rapkin, Francesca Guidelines for exhibition
Rapkin, Francesca Guidelines for thematic judges & exhibitors at local & federation level
Rigo de Righi, A.G. The stamps of Royalty
Royal Mail Philatelic Bulletin. (Most copies from 1974 to 1990).
Royal Mail Stamp Previews (Most copies between No. 5 of Feb. '97 and No. 62 of Dec. 2000)
Royal Mail Publication No. 6. British Empire Exhibition stamps of 1924 & 1925
Ruffle, J.W.B. Mauritius No 4 Maritime 1815-1868 part 1
Ruffle, J.W.B. Mauritius No 5 Maritime 1815-1868 part 2
Ruffle, J.W.B. Mauritius The "To pay" manuscript & hand stamp markings 1860-76
Sarum U3A The History of Salisbury's Postal Services
Smith/Purcell/Ba Postal history of Bristol. An introduction
Soton/D.P.S. Into the third millennium
Spink Stamp Auctions The Morris H. Luddington collection – Bahamas & Turks & Caicos
Stitt, W.G. The selected works of W.G. Stitt Vol 1 Wembley & Olympics
Stone, J.W. Inland posts 1393 – 1672
Storch/Francon Timbres de France au type Merson
Sussex, V.J. Introducing postal history
Tinsley, W.E. Stamps of postal history of Tasmania 1986
West, R.B. or Worboys, D. Madam Joseph forget postmarks
Willcocks, R.M. England's postal history
Willcocks, R.M. The postal history of Great Britain & Ireland
Williams, L.N. & M. Rare stamps.
Zaphariou, D.P. Postal history of the Ionian Islands.
Safe Perfotronic electronic perforation guide.  
Signascope electronic watermark detector.  
Ultraviolet detector, Importa model 200  
Ultraviolet tester lamp, JML1189 4w / 256mm  
Winchester & District Stamp Society – 2004. Novice Cup