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  • Wednesday 17 October 2018

    Day Meeting

    imageSalisbury & District Day Meeting 17/10/18

    The Grasmere Hotel was again the venue for our Day Meeting.

    8 S&DPS members attended with a further 13 guests and a list of 17 who sent their apologies; all said they were looking forward to attending our next Day Meeting on 27 Mar 19.

    There was a very diverse mix of material shown, all of the highest standard. The presentations were all very interesting with a good atmosphere throughout the day.

    Again the organiser and convenor of the day was Tony Howgarth-Graham who did a brilliant job.

    The 'bell' was not used on this occasion.

    The list of 16 philatelists and what they displayed are shown below:

    • Colin TabeartSouth American Mails C19
    • Claire ScottRoyal Deaths
    • for John ScottPalace Stationery
    • Trevor BuckellWhere is the Caribbean (Haiti)
    • Anne StammersDiamonds
    • Bob ClementsGB QV Flaws & Shades
    • Steve EvansQueen Anne’s Bounty
    • Wendy BuckleThe Book (Thematic)
    • Brian HagueFaroes Red Cross Message Forms
    • Jeremy MartinGerman Concentration Camps & Berlin Air Lift
    • Graham BoothMaritime Mail
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamCape of Good Hope
    • John CampbellMecklenburg & Schwerin
    • Kim StuckleyQE11 British Islands
    • James PodgerPostcard Correspondence
    • David WinnieGuernsey St. Saviour
    • Colin FaersSouth West Africa

    We all enjoyed a good buffet lunch.

    Next Meeting 24 October 2018 Guest Speaker: Bill Pipe – Railway Company Perfins

  • Wednesday 10 October 2018

    Members' displays, items under £5.00 & members' bourse

    imageStill smiling after a gruelling evening at the Scout Hut

    The Chairman started the meeting by thanking all those members who attended Brian Standley's funeral which took place on Tuesday 9th October 2018.

    A good turnout with a number of members giving very interesting and varied displays.

    • Mike MoodyChannel Islands Liberation and New Zealand Peace issue
    • Lindsay GreenBritish Legion First day Covers
    • Jeremy MartinForgeries
    • Duncan PierceFamily correspondence going back 170 years
    • Tony H-GSouth African slogan cancellations
    • Mike CareyBelgian Railway cancellations and Railway engines' postcards
    • Colin FrenchBrunswick Star, Bickerdike & Courriers Convoyeurs cancellations
    • Paul L-WCinderella's Labels of Boys Town, America. GB Telephone slogan Cancellations. TNT (Thomas Network Transport), Spanish Islands, Rotary Winged Flight & Canadian 5 cent 1897 Jubilee

    Next meeting:

    Wednesday 17th October 2018
    Day Meeting

  • Wednesday 26 September 2018

    The meeting started with the Chairman sadly informing us that Brian Standley had passed away early on Wednesday morning the 19 September 2018. He commented on Brian's loyal service to the Society over a period of 23 years and that he would be greatly missed for his wonderful sense of humour, his self-deprecating manner and for the Christmas quiz that he organised every year. Brian's funeral will take place at Salisbury Crematorium on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 1pm. The meeting stood in silence for a minute and reflected on our memories of Brian.

    Hugh Feldman showed a magnificent display of USA Railways. His painstaking original research (2 months at the National Archives & Records Administration in Washington DC), presentation and write up were an example to us all of what can be achieved.

    Hugh's handout can be read here »

    Next meeting: Wednesday 10th October 2018
    Members' displays items under £5.00 & members' bourse.

  • Wednesday 12 September 2018

    Members' recent acquisitions, & members' bourse

    A turnout of 13 on our first evening of the season and apologies from 8 members was a good start.

    Most apologies were from those who were either at the RPSL Presidents Dinner or at Stampex, although it has come to light that at least one member was absent on none philatelic activities!!!

    Recent acquisitions included:

    • A card posted to the Master of Otter Hounds, Anearn Reese, who happened to be one of the members of the first Welsh International Rugby team.
    • Bickerdike, Brunswick Star and French Mail Guard cancellations with a couple of the latter on some old French Letters.
    • Indian Refugee Relief Tax stamps.
    • WW1 materiel
    • Borneo
    • Yetminster, Dorset, postcard with a family connection and QE2 Definitives encapsulated in an acrylic block.
    • GB Postage Dues
    • A very good display over six frames of both omnibus issues of the Victory set and 1937 Coronation by Trevor Buckell.

    Our next meeting:
    Wednesday 26th September 2018 – Guest speaker, Hugh Feldman, USA Railways.

  • Monday 16th July 2018

    imageThe Chairman auditions for a part in the new Bundespost musical 'Brunnhilde'

  • Wednesday 30th May 2018

    AGM, followed by Society 16 Page Competition followed by members displays T, U & V.

    imageThe Chairman congratulating Lindsay Green on winning the 16 sheet competition with her display of 'The quantity of human life'

    imageMembers at the AGM – can you spot our young guest?

    An excellent meeting with a very special guest – Mike Moody's grandson, Patrick, who although not a collector (yet) was clearly impressed with Claire Scott's display of Brunei. He brought the average age of the meeting down by at least thirty years!!

    Also very pleasing to see Bill Webb at the meeting and we all hope he can continue to make it next season, he has paid his subs 3 years in advance (being optimistic as he said) so he should try to get maximum value from them.

    The AGM followed the normal format and under AOB Mike Carey questioned whether there was any interest in resurrecting a Society Packet service (previously run by Ray Harris). This generated a good discussion and it ended with a suggestion by Trevor Buckell that members with excess stamps should let other members know and get in touch with each other. This could be facilitated by the Hon Secretary who in slow time will contact members to examine the practicalities of the idea.

    This year the members present judged the 4 entries for the 16 page competition which was won by a large margin by Lindsay Green with her display of 'The Quantity of Human Life'.

    The evening ended with two rounds of Members' display T, U & V. As is always the case, the specific letters were a guide to the material to be shown. A great deal of artistic licence was exercised!

    • Mike MoodyChannel Islands which including a unique, only one recorded (so far) cover!
    • Jeremy MartinTogo.
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamSouth Africa, Wanderstempel 1V. South Africa, Boer invasion of Cape & Natal.
    • John Scott18c France Tax Marks
    • Brian StandleySingapore & Hong Kong
    • Lindsay GreenTunis, Ukraine and Viet-Nam. (Well done for complying with the brief)
    • Claire ScottBrunei. Silver Jubilee, Unesco Issue, UPU Issue and Variety
    • Paul Latham-WardeUnemployment stamps 1912 -1921, Agricultural Unemployment stamps 1936


    Ringpex will be held in Ringwood on 2nd June 2018.

    Swinpex will be held in Swindon on 9th June 2018,

    Our next meeting (the first of the new season) on Wednesday 12th September 2018 is Members recent acquisitions and Bourse.

  • Wednesday 16th May 2018

    Members evening – stamps I like

    imageTony H G studying the last frame

    A very pleasant evening with members remembering their first stamps acquired during their school years and the start of a lifetime hobby.

    We had 3 rounds with the following shown:

    • Trevor BuckellNorthern and Southern Nigeria, Haiti, British Guiana, Barbados, overprints of British East Africa Company.
    • Alan WoodUSA Locals, Brazil, Hawaii, Columbian Exhibition, Telegrams.
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamSouth Africa 1943-46 small war effort Paper Saving.
    • Jeremy MartinQE11 Definitives, Royal Visit, British Bird Stamps.
    • Lindsay GreenStamps produced on old bank notes and maps, printing on the back of stamps, Ancestry with a family link to the Titanic.
    • Claire ScottBrunei creation of Postal System 1908 – 1952. Quirky items relating to philately i.e. printers waste.
    • Colin FrenchFirst childhood stamp, Birds, cancellations on British stamps – Bickerdike, Brunswick Stars, Slogan postmarks, numbers in Maltese Cross.
    • Paul Latham-Warde QE11 high values, parcel labels, overseas telegrams. Paul also showed photo copies of two winning entries from the Wiltshire Federation competition.


    Ringpex will be held in Ringwood on 2nd June 2018.
    Swinpex will be held in Swindon on 9th June 2018.

    Our next meeting (our last of the season) on Wednesday 30th May 2018 is the AGM followed by 16 page completion and the Society Cup followed by members displays T, U & V.

  • Wednesday 25 April 2018 meeting

    Guest Speaker Nigel Gooch. Persia

    imageJohn Scott giving the vote of thanks to Nigel Gooch for his display of Persia

    We were treated to an excellent display and a humorous presentation by Nigel on Persia.

    Of special note (to be taken with a pinch of salt) was the final sheet showing a cover giving a return address of Osama bin Laden.

    The following is a summary provided by Nigel:

    In 550BC Cyrus the Great, ruler of the vast Persian Empire, ascertained how far a horse could travel in one day and then had a series of posting stations built a day's ride apart. Thus the first postal system was born with the night messenger relieving the day messenger until the communication was delivered.

    The first stamps for Persia were printed in 1869 featuring the symbol of the country, the "Lion of Persia," and subsequent definitive issues show the Lion on the lower values with the higher values featuring the Shah's portrait.

    The first-half featured a display designed to show the definitive stamps themselves supported by an examination of the various postage rates and usages, both internally and abroad, using wrappers, postcards, envelopes, printed stationery and parcel receipts from the latter part of the 19th century.

    The second half of the evening was devoted to illustrating the many and varied aspects of collecting Iran focussing on the speaker's personal choice of items from the period 1939 to 1982 collected by him over a period of 50 years.

    Next meeting Wednesday 16th May 2018 – members evening – stamps I like.

  • Wednesday 11 April 2018 Annual Auction

    imageHappy buyers waiting for the Auction to start

    16 members and 6 guests turned out for our Annual Auction at which Tony Howgrave-Graham was again the Auctioneer.

    It attracted 21 active bidders in the room and 4 whose bids were in the book but covered quite a large number of lots.

    The first 61 lots were a fine collection of philatelic, or philatelically related literature. It included a very smart record of the Royal Philatelic Society of London's record of its own collection. A huge boxed tome weighing 5kg! It made £100.

    The next highest achieving lot was a collection of Kenya & Uganda reserved at £25 but making £60.

    With the minimum lot going for 10p there was something there for everyone and it was an enjoyable evening.

    Total sales were just under £1,300

    In closing the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, those who assisted in the running of the auction and especially Tony H-G for the considerable effort he put in to make it such a success.

    Next meeting is on Wednesday 25th April 2018 when our guest speaker is Nigel Gooch with his display of Persia.

  • Wednesday 28 March 2018 Meeting

    Guest speaker Brian Asquith. 'On Dragon's Wings – Chinese Airmails'

    imageBrian Asquith joins the front row

    Brian provided an excellent and comprehensive range of material on Chinese Airmails which he had taken to Beijing and won a Gold Medal with! The following is a summary provided by Brian:

    The dragon looms large in Chinese mythology. Early aircraft were thought of as dragons in the sky and Chinese airmails could therefore be described as being carried.

    Whilst the Chinese Bureau of Posts recognised earlier than most the benefits of an aerial postal service and provided funds for this purpose they were diverted elsewhere by Tsao Kun, the President, and progress, therefore, was not always as rapid as it should have been. This display sets out to illustrate the story of Chinese airmail until 1945.

    1. Pioneer, experimental and other flights until 1932, notably including the Handley Page, Peking – Tientsin and return flights of 7 May 1920;

    2. The Internal Airlines 1929-1941
    Comprising trial, first and later flights under their contracts for carrying mail by:
    a). China National Aviation Corporation (owned by Pan Am & Chinese Government) and its predecessors.
    b). Eurasia Aviation Corporation (owned by Lufthansa & Chinese Government).
    c). Southwestern Aviation Corporation (Owned by Kwangtung Provincial Government).

    3. Aero Postal History
    A selection is shown throughout including instructional, directional and other postal markings. Various rates are shown throughout the exhibit.

    4. WWII Period, 1939 -1945
    Inc. some route changes necessitated by the war,with directional and postal markings

    The display is part of an eight frame exhibit which was shown in the Court of Honour at Beijing 2009 Aeropex and was subsequently published as a book, in English and Chinese, by the Chinese Post Office. A copy will be on show at the meeting.

    Acknowledgements: Translations courtesy of Gregory W.K. Loh MBE; The Chinese Air Post 1920 – 1935 by Starr & Mills; Postage Rates 1867 – 1980 by Sieh and Blackburn; Eurasia Aviation Corporation by Peter Moeller; The Dragon's Wings by William Leary.

    Next meeting: 11 April 2018 - Annual Auction

  • Wednesday 21 March 2018 Day Meeting

    imageSalisbury and District Philatelic Society - Day Meeting 21 March 2018

    imageJohn Campbell finishing his presentation

    imageThe KitKat Labels display

    This year's Day Meeting was again held at the Grasmere Hotel with a very encouraging attendance of 28 philatelists with two others down to attend but unable to.

    All the material shown was of the highest order; the presentations were lively and interesting with a good atmosphere throughout the day with plenty of laughter.

    The organiser and convenor of the day was Tony Howgarth-Graham who again did a brilliant job.

    The 5 minute bell was only used once at 4mins 58 seconds on Tony's own display, in by the skin of his teeth!

    The following 17 people and what they displayed are shown below:

    • Bob HillKitKat *
    • Trevor BuckleBritish Guiana
    • Crawford AlexanderThames Pleasure Cruisers
    • Jean AlexanderCanadian Postal Stationery
    • John CampbellTynemouth Postal History
    • Mike MoodyNew Zealand Peace Issue
    • David ArundaleNorth Borneo Pictorials
    • Colin FaersSWA Officials
    • Jeremy MartinGB Letter Cards
    • Paul Latham-WardGB Castles high Values
    • Tony Howgarth-GrahamOrange Free State to 1900
    • Wendy BuckleLatvian Commemoratives
    • Bob HillCape of Good Hope
    • Tony StanfordKEVII British Levant
    • Duncan PierceCentral & East Africa
    • Geoff FrostAustralian imperial Journal
    • Alan WoodNapoleonic Period
    • David WinnieSalisbury Disasters (not the current one!)

    * We were very fortunate to have Bob Hill present his unique international standard display of KitKat labels. This was an in depth study of the KitKat labels of South Africa with every known variety, including the only recorded bisects and some that are yet to be listed. A remarkable display and very humorous!!!

    In closing the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and Tony in particular for an excellent day.

    Next Meeting Wednesday 28th March 2018. Guest speaker Brian Asquith, 'On Dragon's Wings – Chinese Airmails'.

  • Wednesday 14 march 2018 Meeting

    Members' single frame evening and 9 Sheet Competition & members' bourse

    Having checked out the venue and found it was free from any lingering nerve agent we took off our NBC suits and respirators and enjoyed a good competitive evening.

    imageThe winners (l-r) Paul Latham-Warde, Claire Scott, John Scott and Alan Wood

    The Chairman explained that this year we didn't have an outside judge to deliberate on the competition entries but everyone was given the chance to select what they thought was the best entry in each category. The best entries were then voted on to determine the Best in Show.

    There were a total of 11 entries and the winners were as follows:

    Category Trophy Winner Display
    Postal History The J W B Ruffle Trophy Alan Wood France
    General Philately The George Riley Rose Bowl Claire Scott Brunei Requisition No 46/47 First Issue of 1907
    Aerophilately The J & M Lucas Cup Claire Scott The RAF air sea survey of the coral reefs of North Borneo. Brunei mail 1930 – 1931
    Thematics The Centenary Cup No entry
    Social Philately The F & B Palmer Trophy Alan Wood Cyril Wentworth
    Cinderella The Society Cup Paul Latham-Warde "He ain't heavy, Father… he's m'brother"
    Picture Postcard (No trophy as yet) John Scott The development of the Postcard in GB 1870-1890
    Best in Show The George Miskin Trophy Claire Scott Brunei Requisition No 46/47 First Issue of 1907

    The quality of the material shown in each category was outstanding and all competitors are to be congratulated.

    The evening was rounded off with an excellent display by Tony Howgarth-Graham on early ship mail to and from The Cape of Good Hope to Great Britain and India.

    Next meeting is the Day Meeting next Wednesday 21 March 2018.

  • Wednesday 21 February 2018 Meeting

    Alan Wood – Countries I don't collect, followed by members' displays and members' bourse

    A very good turnout with 18 members present.

    imageMembers viewing Alan Wood's Egyptian display

    Alan showed true commitment by seeing his wife in hospital during the early evening coming to the meeting to give his display and then going back to see his wife in hospital. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

    Alan's subject was Egypt which he covered with many diverse subjects of the country's philately including: Pre stamp material, 1930 Congress issue, extensive coverage of the airmail issues, a good range of the early Pyramid issues, postage dues and officials.

    The second half was members' displays:

    • Jeremy MartinValentine telegrams of the 20th century
    • John ScottValentine cards of the 19th century
    • Mike MoodyNZ Peace Issue – variety's
    • Claire ScottDeath relating to both KGV and KGV!
    • Trevor BuckellSouth African Bantams and Cape of Good Hope
    • Paul L-WCanada 1897 Jubilee and GB 1983 Fairs

    Next meeting 14 March 2018 Members single frame evening, 9 sheet competition and members bourse. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

  • Wednesday 10 January 2018 Meeting

    There was a good turnout for our first meeting of 2018 with 15 members present and 6 apologies.

    imageJeremy Martin presenting the J J Martin cup for the Single Sheet completion to Paul Latham-Warde

    imageThe Chairman thanking Jeremy Martin for his display and presenting him with the Society's certificate.

    The evening was split in two parts – the first half being Jeremy Martin entertaining us with "GB OLD AND NEW"

    Before we started Jeremy presented the Single Sheet competition cup to Paul Latham-Warde that he won at our December 2017 meeting.

    Jeremy started by telling us how as a boy he swopped a marble for a stamp which was the beginning of his 70 years of philately! He showed some remarkable material covering from the 1500s to 2003, including Corsini correspondence, Bishop Marks, a good range of 1d blacks with a couple on cover posted from Salisbury, surface printed, EV11 control blocks, Seahorses, GV1 high values and finished with QE11. Such an amazing breadth of knowledge that we all benefitted from.

    The remainder of the evening was members showing a wide range of philatelic material and members' bourse.

    • Trevor BuckellTPO of German East Africa (Tanganyika) and TPO of British Guiana, both railway and river steamer
    • Alan WoodNetherland Colonies & Australian Hardy wine stamps + the real thing
    • Mike CareyGolf
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamEarly mail from and to CGH
    • Brian StandleyThe Great War
    • Mike Moody1937 Coronation Camps in London
    • Paul Latham-WardeUsed GB High values

    Next meeting is Wednesday 21st February 2018 when Alan Wood will be showing material during the first half whilst the second half will be members' displays and bourse.