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  • Wednesday 8 May 2019

    Members’ evening – Shipping and members' bourse

    imageDuncan Pierce presenting Genealogy

    The Chairman welcomed 16 members and was pleased to see many had brought along displays. Although it was down as Shipping the Chairman had encouraged members to expand that to include any material with even the most tenuous link to shipping or in fact expanding that to include transport.

    The quality of the displays shown this evening was outstanding with such a diverse range of topics within the brief of 'Shipping' plus others outside of it!

    The following members and their displays:

    • Lindsay GreenTitanic
    • Julian FrostOstend – Dover ferry service
    • Jeremy MartinWest Africa, post carried by various shipping lines, mobile boxes for post on board
    • Trevor Buckell1934 Royal visit to South Africa and linking of Air services with shipping
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamShipping Lines of South Africa
    • Duncan PierceGenealogy
    • Mike MoodyNaval postal cancellations
    • Craig PattersonA branch from his newly acquired wood???
    • Colin French1902 Paddle steamer on Lake Victoria, Kenya, World railway engines & cover from France to Yokohama, Japan
    • Paul Latham-WardeSt Ives Postcards, Stamp Designer Andrew Reftall Ships & Calcutta ship letters

    Alan Wood is back in hospital in The Pembroke Ward – he would be pleased to see anyone who could visit.

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  • Wednesday 24 April 2019

    Guest Speaker: Pat Campbell – Something British

    imageColin French presenting Pat Campbell with the Society's Mug and Certificate after his display of Postage Dues

    The Chairman had great pleasure in welcoming back Pat Campbell, an ex-member of the society who now lives in Southport, as our guest speaker with his display of "Something British". The Chairman also welcomed Pete Kersley who had signed up as our latest member.

    Pat's display was of British Postage Dues with the first half covering Postage Due values from 1/2d to 1/-. The increments were in units of ha'penny.

    The Postage Due (which are labels and not stamps) was generally made up by doubling the difference of the underpaid fee that should have been paid when the item was posted. Although the postal authorities also charged for non-payment, re-direction, currency fluctuations, invalid stamps and Customs & Excise – VAT and Purchase Tax.

    The majority of items shown were from all over the world so although titled "Something British" there were inevitably a lot of foreign stamps in the display. When Pat started collecting Postage Due it was inevitable that the majority of them would be as a result of foreign incoming mail so he sought out material from as many different countries as possible.

    The covers had some excellent strikes on them, particularly of note were two covers with large black ink hand struck 5d. In some cases there were insufficient Postage Due labels so hand stamps were used (particularly for penalties involving a half pence) as well as definitive stamps some of which were bisected.

    A cover sent from Rabat to Marseille was redirected to London (attracting a penalty) was then redirected within London (another penalty and finally returned to the sender in Rabat. As it was not delivered the net gain to the postal authorities was NIL.

    The second half covered the high values - £1, £2, £5, £10 and £20. Pat had published an article on Postage Dues and was contacted by a collector offering his collection that he had amassed when running the main office of a large British electrical company which received mail from all over the world and in particular Japan. When the large envelope containing the collection arrived Pat was amazed to find many high value Postage Due labels ranging from a few pounds up to a staggering £286 made up of £50, £20, £10 and £5 labels – a gold mine.

    As he had benefitted from the generosity of a complete stranger, Pat wanted to share his good fortune with the S&DPS members and gave everyone a piece with used Postage Dues – who knows how many PD collectors this may start off? Final tip was that should you find a cover with a tax in RED you should buy it immediately!!

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  • Wednesday 10 April 2019

    Annual Auction.

    17 members and 6 guests turned out for our Annual Auction at which Tony Howgrave-Graham was again the Auctioneer.

    There were a total of 333 lots with something for everyone's interests. The first 92 lots were mainly of aviation literature and despite many valuable items they were offered unreserved. The buyers' took advantage and picked up some excellent bargains.

    The remainder were general lots.

    Not all lots were sold, however initial figures show that £1,170.29 (up on last year) was raised, an excellent result.

    In closing the Chairman thanked everyone for attending, those who assisted in the running of the auction and especially Tony H-G for the considerable effort he put in to his last Auction as auctioneer to make it such a success.

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  • Wednesday 27 March 2019

    Day Meeting

    imageS&DPS Day Meeting philatelists

    This year's Day Meeting was again held at the Grasmere Hotel with a very encouraging attendance of 26 philatelists.

    An excellent day with very high quality material shown with something for everyone.

    The presentations were lively and interesting with a good atmosphere throughout the day with plenty of laughter. A boot in someone's porridge comes to mind!!! The Convenor - Tony Howgarth-Graham - again did a brilliant job. The 5 minute bell was only used once – no names no pack drill!

    The following 13 people and their displays are shown below:

    • Colin FrenchBrunswick Star Cancels
    • Mike Moody1947 Royal Visit to South Africa
    • Tony Howgrave-Graham1913-24 South Africa
    • Claire Scott'BOY'
    • Jeremy MartinAscension (Highways & Byways)
    • Tony StanfordBritish Levant
    • Colin TabeartRoyal Navy, Aid to Russia (WW1)
    • Jean AlexanderCozens of Weymouth
    • Crawford AlexanderGB
    • Malcom BartonFalkland Islands (Spitfires)
    • Tony Howgrave-Graham50 Years of Pro-Juventute
    • Chris WheelerLover to Loved
    • John CampbellDanzig Hyperinflation
    • Kim StuckleyFalkland Islands, International Geophysical Year Expedition
    • Claire Scott'BOY' continued

    In closing Tony H-G thanked everyone for attending and Tony was thanked by everyone in return for organising another excellent day.

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  • Wednesday 13 March 2019

    Members' single frame evening, 9 sheet competition and members' bourse

    imageThe Chairman presenting the Postal History salver to Tony Howgrave-Graham (shared on equal marks with Colin French)

    The Chairman started the evening with the sad announcement that David Ashby a recent ex-member of the society died on Wednesday 6 March 2019. The society has sent a message of condolence to his relatives.

    The Chairman welcomed a guest Pete Kersley, who we hope will become a member.

    The 9 sheet competition with categories shown below only attracted 3 participants:

    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamGeneral Philately - Winner
    • Colin French/Tony Howgrave-GrahamPostal History - Winners (shared on equal points)
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamAero Philately - Winner
    • David ArundaleCinderella - Winner
    • Colin FrenchBest in Show - Winner
    • No entriesThematic
    • No entriesSocial Philately
    • No entriesPicture Postcard

    The material displayed was very good, however, it was disappointing that more members didn't compete and this issue will be discussed at the next committee meeting.

    The remainder of the evening was taken up with members' displays that were all very interesting:

    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamBelgium
    • Colin FrenchAmerican Flag cancellations
    • Jeremy MartinNigerian Postage Dues
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamPostal Stationary
    • Paul Latham-Warde9 sheet Competitions

    Next meeting:

    Wednesday 27 March 2019 - Day Meeting to be held at the Grasemere Hotel (confirmed attendees only)

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  • Wednesday 20 February 2019

    Guest speaker: Jeremy Martin – Military Mail from 1786

    Second half: members' displays & members' bourse

    imageChairman Paul Latham-Warde thanking Jeremy Martin for his display of 'Military Mail from 1786'

    A very good turn out of 17 members with 2 guests. A warm welcome to Julian Frost our latest member.

    The Chairman, Paul Latham-Warde was congratulated on winning the Victor Hutchinson Memorial Trophy at the Wiltshire & District Federation with his entry of "The Poor". Now the is back in full time employment there is every expectation that his next entry will be "The Rich"

    The first half of the evening we were treated to an excellent display by Jeremy of Military mail covering over 200 years from 1786. Starting with a cover from Worley Camp that was set up in 1786 in case the French invaded! Jeremy continued with material of French POW's in Dartmoor, The Light Brigade, The Siege of Paris with post being flown out in manned balloons and campaigns in Egypt and India.

    He then went on to cover WW1 and WW11 with propaganda cards which showed people's expectations and the reality, beautiful silk cards, invasion of Iraq (KUT) British POW in Turkey, the Arab revolt against British Rule. A friend of Jeremy's flew 3 missions in WW11 dropping leaflets, one of which he displayed.

    A comprehensive section on Mesopotamia. WW11 Finland's Winter War Malta with the important part that morale had to play throughout the war – troops were given Green X labels that they put in their envelopes to home that the recipient would affix to their reply envelope to indicate priority. Falklands War, the part the QE2 played, Libya censored marks and finally Iraq.

    The second half was members' displays:

    • Mike MoodyChannel Islands – Red Cross
    • Mike CareyInteresting Victorian envelopes
    • David Winnie Channel Islands – forwarded mail
    • Julian FrostBelgium
    • Trevor BuckellHaiti, Cape of Good Hope postal stationery, Barbados and Sabena Airways
    • Colin FrenchBrunswick Star cancellations
    • Duncan PierceWhat are they?

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  • 6th February 2019

    Guest speaker - John Shaw - SA!?

    imageTony Howgrave-Graham presenting John Shaw with the society's mug and certificate

    A good turnout of 14 members and 4 guests (with 8 apologies) met for the display given by our guest speaker John Shaw on SA!? The Chairman, Paul Latham-Warde, welcomed the speaker and then covered the following points before John started his presentation:

    Salisbury Collectors Fair in Salisbury 17th & 18th May.
    Next meeting Jeremy Martin – Military Mail from 1786 – 2nd half members' displays and members' bourse.
    The next meeting on 20th February is the final chance for anyone wishing to put items into the Auction to hand them in to the Auctioneer, Tony H-G.
    David Winnie (Chairman of the Channel Islands Specialists' Society) extended an invite to all members to the CISS meeting which will be held at the Grasemere Hotel, Salisbury 26 – 28 April 2019.
    Jeremy Martin gave an update on Alan Wood's health saying that he had been discharged from hospital last week and was now back home.

    John Shaw's SA!? was not South Africa as many thought it would be but South America (Paraguay) and Haiti.

    In the first half John covered most compressively the stamps and forgeries of Paraguay. It would appear that all issued stamps of the country were at some time forged. In some cases the forgeries made their way into continental catalogues. The forgeries still have success at auctions as John has found out over the years to his cost!.

    The first stamps had a Lion (the national emblem) as the centre, Strange that a country that has no lions should use it as its national emblem? Some of the forgeries had some sad faced lions, one also had a fine moustache whilst another had disjointed knees. The Lion theme continued off and on although latterly the Presidents' head was used for the centre.

    We were treated to proof essays, die proofs, plate proofs and colour trials. The country's finances were not the soundest and when they ran out of stamps (regularly) and had no money to order more they used telegraph stamps surcharged, with John showing every known example. Amongst the postal history John showed a unique cover addressed to Uruguay. Should you think of collecting Paraguay you would be advised to seek the guidance of a specialist – such as John or our own Trevor Buckell – to avoid the inevitable forgeries you will come across!

    The viewing took some time as members discussed the marvellous display with John.

    After a short break we were treated to another exceptional display, this time the stamps and postal history of Haiti. The first stamps issued in 1881 were of 6 values imperf in a set plate of 50 of which John had a sheet. Again with this country most of the issued stamps were ripe for the forgers of which many were shown. Of the perforated issues there were a variety of errors – including imperf between.

    The subject of some issues were ‘strange' anniversaries and the ‘strange' name of the Presidents. In a few cases the stamps were designed and produced but at the last moment the President was deposed so that issue was destroyed. In one case we were shown what is believed to be the only surviving stamp from such a case. The 1939 3 stamp issue was the first to have a charity surcharge which was not popular or bought! John showed an anti-malaria issue which had the wrong species of mosquito shown and named; this was because it was produced by an American company who depicted the species found in America which was not the Haiti species.

    Overall a brilliant evening with many humorous anecdotes and an encyclopaedic amount of information which John delivered so well.

    Next Meeting:

    Wednesday 20th February 2019 First half Jeremy Martin - Military mail from 1786 – second half members' displays & members' bourse.

  • 16th January 2019

    Tony Howgrave-Graham - French Colonies and second half of Members displays.

    imageTony Howgrave-Graham looking pleased with a bottle of red.

    We started our first evening of the New Year welcoming two potential new Members. Both John and Julian seemed to enjoy their first evening with us. As Alan Wood is still in hospital, we were very fortunate that Tony Howgrave-Graham stepped in at short notice to give us an outstanding display of French Colonies. A display worthy of Gold medal status.

    As the format for the first meeting of our New Year is half guest speaker and half Members, we offered Tony either half a certificate or half a mug or a full bottle of red wine. No prizes for guessing what he went for!

    Two Members displayed with Jeremy Martin showing pre-stamp material from Belgium. Paul Latham-Warde followed with Alsace-Lorraine Parcel Cards.

    Next Meeting:

    Wednesday 6th February 2019 with John Shaw displaying SA(!).