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  • Wednesday 7 December 2016 – Christmas Social

    imageJeremy Martin presenting the 'Jeremy Martin Trophy' to David Arundale, winner of the Single Sheet Competition

    Members bought along food and drink to kick off our Christmas Social. The excellent entertainment was provided by Brian Standley who gave us a music quiz round, once Anita had showed Brian how to turn on the CD player, followed by a picture and film round. It probably helped in having a misspent youth in the back of cinemas and on the dance floor to win. So congratulations go to Mike Carey, Alan and Sheila Wood, Anita Boakes and Joan Powell.

    There were some excellent entries in the Single Sheet Competition and by popular vote the competition was won by David Arundale. David displayed a WW1 Lord Roberts Memorial Fund poster stamp album. Thanks must also go to Claire and John Scott who gave us a standing display of Military Christmas ephemera.

    The next meeting is on the 18th January 2017 with Alan Wood and 'Countries I don't collect' followed by the second half of Members' displays.

  • Wednesday 23 November 2016 - Meeting

    Members 21st Century and bourse

    A good turnout for this challenging display, with 21st Century liberally interpreted.

    9 members produced some excellent wide ranging material. Mounted in 21st Century (M21C)

    • Mike Moody:Princess Elizabeth’s 21st birthday celebrated in South Africa. M21C.
    • Brian Standley:Variety of 1st day covers accumulated during the 21st Century.
    • John Scott:Material relating to the PO Act of 2000, Postage Dues, Revenue Collection.(Well done John, the clear winner of actual 21st Century material)
    • Claire Scott:Brunei material including sheets of various values, M21C.
      Death notices of people and occasions. M21C.
    • Jeremy Martin:West African Study Circle material recently shown at the Royal. Registered letters, Mail Bag labels & forgeries.M21C
    • David Winnie:Items relating to Greve d’Azette a sub-post office of St Helier, Jersey CI 1927-47. M21C.
    • Alan Wood:Mail from France. M21C.
    • Paul Latham-Ward:Random selection including his Italian trip, Errors, Post and Go and TNT M21C.
    • Tony Howgrave-Graham:A selection of lots from the forthcoming Annual Auction 05 April 2017.

    The next meeting will be on Wednesday 07 December 2016 Single Sheet competition and social evening.

  • Wednesday 09 November 2016 - Meeting

    imageThe smiling members of Salisbury & District Philatelic Society

    The programme was for Members displays – 2016 Anniversaries. This was achieved by 50% of members with the others showing loosely interpreted 'anniversaries'.

    • Mike Moody: Channel Islands, Victory and Peace issues 1946.
    • Lindsay Green: First Day covers of anniversaries, various years.
    • Eric Daffern: Recent acquisitions (mainly bought on the 16th of the month?)
    • Colin French: Slogan Postmarks of anniversaries, various years.
    • Paul Latham-Warde: Stamps by designer Andrew Restall and British Fairs.
    • Ivan Holliday: Morocco, Tangier and Morocco Fez 1906, 1936 & 1956
    • Alan Wood: France! Showing material from 100 and 200 years ago.
    • Jeremy Martin: Cards of WW1 and to finish a saucy card from WW11
    • Ed Coombes: Telegrams of 1914–1916 Cards showing the Salisbury Floods 1915

    A pleasant members evening.

    Next meeting is on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 – Members 21st Century and bourse. Our final meeting this year will be on Wednesday 7th December 2016 – Single Sheet Competition and Social Evening with Partners.

  • Wednesday 26 October 2016 - Meeting

    imagePaul Latham-Warde thanking Gavin Fryer for his display of Blindman's Mail and presenting him with the Society's new mug

    Our guest speaker was Gavin Fryer RDP FRPSL, accompanied by his wife Sue, with an outstanding display of Blindman’s Mail which is the title of his book on the subject.

    The scope of Gavin’s material was an amazing account not only of the life of Louis Braille, who was very intelligent and creative, but also the postal rates for the blind throughout the world covering 200 years.

    Braille (1809-1852) was blind at the age of three having had an accident in his father’s workshop (saddlery/harness/leather work); trying to be like his father he grabbed an awl, a sharp tool for making holes, and the tool slid and hurt his eye. The wound got infected, the infection spread and soon Louis was blind in both eyes. He soon adjusted to the situation and when he was 12 a former soldier named Charles Barbier visited his school. Barbier shared his invention called 'night writing', a code of 12 raised dots that let soldiers share top-secret information on the battlefield without even having to speak or shine a torch at night. Unfortunately, the code was too hard for the soldiers, but not for 12-year-old Louis! He started to work on what would become the world standard system that would allow blind people to be able to read and write. He reduced the Barbier invention to 6 dots and spaces and published the first braille book in 1829: a remarkable achievement.

    There were other systems, one being the Moon system but the Braille system was the one taken into use and it spread around the world. We were shown a 1568 picture of blind people, a dedication in braille, pictures of a braille keyboard and a Danish braille keyboard. Of note were the two Etiquette sheets that were found and 'released' from the post office archives.

    Gavin showed a section on 1811 Rates of Postage for the PO forms for blind MP’s so that their delegatee could sign documents on their behalf. There was a section of the display devoted to the rates for 'Articles for the Blind', the articles included braille paper, cd’s, memory sticks, walking stick and cassettes. with a package delivered that had been salvaged from a fire: it was addressed to … Ash Street. Amongst the Commonwealth material was a cover of 1829 Mauritius to Britain and material relating to Trinidad, Nepal, Canada, NZ, India and Pakistan.

    The rest of the world was shown with material from USA. Denmark, was well represented although Gavin found it difficult to find material, with an 1862 Denmark to Edinburgh cover, and 1865 forerunner of a money order and some very collectable Christmas seals. A 'modern' cover of 1986 was from NUUK in Greenland. Sweden, Norway with UPU Regs. A cover from Finland which was cancelled with a Reserve canceller that Gavin estimated was used in 1942 for only a 14 month period. Other countries represented were Poland, Estonia, Russia and the Czech Republic. France, Belgium – difficult to find any material, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Switzerland. Spain (WW11) Italy 1911 – Fascist Republic, 1912 cover with Express Fee that was 30 times the normal rate! Germany, Austria, Hungary, an interesting cover from Berlin to a Field Post Office on the Russian Front during WW11 and finally the last 6 sheets had material from countries round the Pacific rim.

    Sorry that this write up doesn’t do justice to the vast amount of information that Gavin showed covering so many countries.

    A member (who will remain nameless) thought that the presentation could have used the following ditty to be in line with the braille theme:

    'On the chest of a barmaid from Sale
    Was tattooed all the prices of ale
    And on her behind for the sake of the blind
    Was the same information in braille' ... boom boom!

    Hope to see you all at the next meeting – 9th November 'Members’ displays 2016 Anniversaries & Member’s bourse'.

  • Wednesday 12 October 2016 - Meeting

    imageClair Scott presenting “Death” at the Day Meeting

    imageMike Moody presenting “Channel Islands Occupation” at the Day Meeting

    The Day Meeting held at the Grasmere House Hotel was the first that Tony Howgrave-Graham has convened and was a great success with a turnout of 26. We were pleased to welcome visiting philatelists from Bath, Swindon and Warminster.

    We started with a very comprehensive and interesting standing display of “Postal History of the Isle of Wight” from Bob Allison. Included were sections on pre 1840 showing bishop marks, Osborne House and the royal connection with a letter signed by Queen Victoria, through to Slogan Postmarks all pointing out the delights of the Isle of Wight. An amazing display as Bob had only worked on it for 18 months!

    Of the displays a great deal was Postal and Social history although there were some very interesting stamp presentations.

    The Society members presented as follows:

    Claire Scott “Death” which was about infectious diseases including a case of leprosy in Great Britain.

    Mike Moody “Channel Islands Occupation” in particular the liberation of the islands by Task Force 135.

    David Ashby “19 Century Royal Navy” with accompanying pictures of either the vessel or the person involved with the vessel. The eagle eyed David found a Royal Naval officer with a British and a Turkish medal mounted incorrectly (It would never have happened in the Army!)

    Jeremy Martin “GB” showing some wonderful clear postmarks on cover, one of note was a large manuscript red 4 and also some registered material.

    John Scott “Postcards” showing a variety including panoramic views and Giant Cards which the majority of the audience admitted that they had never seen any before.

    Alan Wood “French Newspaper Stamps” Unusual for Alan to actually show something of France, it’s normally “Countries I do not collect”

    Tony Howgrave-Graham “Rotogravure trials in South Africa” showing ink trails and proofs.

    The following displays were given by our visitors:

    • John Berridge “Post marks of Mauritius”
    • Malcolm Barton “PSNC Oravia in the Falklands”
    • Geoff Frost “Austro-Hungarian Army”
    • Barry Hobbs “Medical Advertising”
    • John Campbell “German Private Posts”
    • Brian Cropp “Channel Islands Occupation”
    • Keith Lloyd “Court Fee Stamps”
    • Tony Stratford “1948 Olympics”
    • Bob Small “Pearl Harbour”

    All agreed it was an excellent day and the Chairman thanked all the presenters and in particular Tony H-G for organising the day.

    Next meeting at the Scout Hut is on Wednesday 28 October 2016 with our guest speaker – Gavin Fryer – Blindman’s Mail.

  • Wednesday 5th October 2016 - Meeting

    imagePaul Latham-Warde presenting the Wiltshire & District Philatelic Federation cup for Postal History to David Ashby

    This evening’s meeting started with a reminder that next Wednesday (12th October) is the Day Meeting hosted by Tony Howgrave-Graham, followed by congratulations to David Ashby and a prolonged photo shoot of him receiving the W&DPF cup for Postal History.

    Peter Huffam was thanked for very kindly taking over the “tea boy/kitchen hand” duties.

    The theme “Members' display items under £5.00” was well supported with a wide range of interesting displays (although clearly not all under a fiver!).

    David Arundale showed a comprehensive display of Malaya with Japanese overprints and FMS Tigers

    We had a zero cost display from Jeremy Martin of Mail Bag labels that were literally picked up off the floor of Post Office sorting rooms.

    Brian Standley showing Great War Military mail, POW, censored mail and a cheap looking cover with a pair of Kenya KGV1 1shilling Lake Naivasha one showing “retouched mountain” that he thought he could get away with as being under £5!

    Trevor Buckell put up a very good display of Egypt that he admitted were certainly over the price range but he had got the date mixed up so he was forgiven.

    Colin French had some recently acquired slogan postmarks starting with a December 1917 slogan “Feed The Guns Now” going through to 1935 that came in under budget.

    Tony H-G had a selection of South African stamps highlighting the range of colours across two issues and as a reminder of his recent safari in Africa displayed a range of superb wild life photographs he had taken including birds (Martial Eagle, Tawny Eagle, Crested Barbet, Black Headed Oriole, Red Billed Oxpecker and Pearl Spotted Owl), animals (Lion, Leopard, Wart Hog, Buffalo), dead (Black and White Rhino) and the highlight (unless you were the Wart Hog) was the graphic pictures of a Leopard killing a Wart Hog: the statutory 1 minutes silence was held for the Wart Hog and we then continued with philately.

    David Ashby reminded us of the brief – under £5.00 – and showed one envelope. An Australian Interivene which he picked up, much to his surprise, from a philately club box where he was the guest speaker 20 years ago for £2.00 and now possibly available to club members for offers in excess of £450! Always a good idea to root around in any box of stamps for a bargain.

    Alan Wood as ever gave an educating talk on labels of various International Philatelic Exhibitions.

    Paul L-W was recently given a collection of advertising flyers, programmes and covers relating to the Wiltshire & District Philatelic Federation and although of no value he felt that it should be retained as archive material showing the history of the Federation. Alan Wood pointed out that an envelope shown was one of only 200 produced (bearing a three coloured cancellation) and that it was likely to be of some value.

    NB. The committee feels that although Tony’s photos were acceptable this evening, in future holiday snaps will not be allowed frame room!!!

    A reminder that our next Society meeting at the Scout Hut will be on 26th October with Gavin Fryer as the Guest Speaker “Blindman’s Mail” - hope to see you all there.

  • 28th September 2016 - Meeting

    imageIs Brian asleep?

    imagePaul Latham-Warde finally presenting Colin French with the Novice Cup (re-silvered!)

    imagePaul Latham-Warde presenting Bill Pipe with (yet another) society mug and certificate after his Dorset, Postal History display

    Before the guest speaker was introduced, The Chairman - at long last - presented Colin French with the Society’s Novice Cup (which looked splendid having been re-silvered).

    Our guest speaker was to have been Jeremy Gaskill, but he had a hospital appointment so Claire Scott persuaded Bill Pipe to come along at very short notice to give us a display of Dorset Postal History.

    Bill started by saying that ‘Dorset was a fairly illiterate county of seafarers and labourers’ (as the members of S&DPS are renowned for their impeccable manners no one disagreed with him).

    The material started with a cover from 1606 and ran through to the current time with Bill giving an in depth talk on everything. Notable items were the only known ‘Penny Post’ example of Wimborne, a manuscript ‘Penny Post’ of Shaftesbury used only for a few days whilst the cancel was sent to be refurbished, a penny black with a lovely orange Maltese Cross cancel of Corfe Castle, a cover to London with a superb strip of 4 penny blacks (plate 4 AI to AL dated 16/10/40) followed by another cover with 5 penny blacks and then possible bettered by a penny black plate 11! Bill was grateful for the assistance Alan Wood gave in some French pronunciations during his talk (no charge was made).

    Other items shown were the only 2d Blue with Wessex Cancel, a strike showing the Shaftesbury Rose, a good selection of railway parcel post, ship letters and a couple of military covers. An excellent evening’s philately.

    Next meeting: 5th October - Members' display items under £5.00 and members' bourse.

  • 14th September 2016 - Meeting

    This was the society’s first meeting of the season and although there were a number of apologies we still had a good turnout.

    The evening began with a presentation on behalf of the Wiltshire and District Philatelic Society’s Postal History Cup to David Ashby (photo to follow) for his winning entry, at Swinpex earlier in the year, of 'The European and Australian Royal Mail Co (EARM) 1856-9'.

    The subject of the evening was 'Members’ recent acquisitions & members’ bourse'.

    We had a wide range of material including Slogan Postmarks, The Great War, French Items and a cover with FFI – which we hope everyone is! West Africa, Australian Mails and Channel Islands.

  • 11th June 2016

    Congratulations to Salisbury on winning three classes and ‘Best in Show’ in the Wiltshire and District Philatelic Federation (WDPF) 9 Sheet Competitions held at Swinpex. David Ashby won the Postal History Class, Paul Latham-Warde won the Cinderella Class and Claire Scott won the Traditional Class and was also judged as the ‘Best in Show’. Well done to all.

  • 18th May 2016

    imageHandover of Secretaries: a very happy Mike Moody seen receiving a Society mug from our apprehensive new Secretary, Colin French!

    Our last meeting of this season started with the AGM which was rattled through. Mike Moody was presented with a Society mug for his 12 years serving on the Committee. Both Colin French, our new Secretary, and Tony Howgrave-Graham, Auctioneer and Day Meeting Convenor, were welcomed to the Committee. We had three excellent quality entries for the 16 Sheet Competition which was won by Tony Howgrave-Graham, by popular vote, with his entry ‘1915–19 AUS Prisoner of War Camps in South West Africa’. Then followed two rounds of Members' displays beginning with the letters N, O and P. As usual we had an excellent spread of material including Morocco from a Member who had misread the programme! Our next meeting is on the 14th September.

  • Wednesday 4th May 2016

    imageJohn Scott – The Industrial Revolution

    imageJohn relaxing

    Members were treated to a wonderful evening of social and philatelic insight into The Industrial Revolution presented by one of our own members. The material throughout was excellent.

    The story of how commerce in Great Britain and consequently overseas was severely restricted by the high cost of carrying/delivering mail pre 1840 was well illustrated with the material covering amongst others: Bill of Lading, Invoices, Freight Lists and a few businesses advertising their own goods.

    John demonstrated that in many cases invoices were not paid for ages – in one case a business was chasing up an invoice for 4 years and it was not uncommon for them not to be paid for at least a year. Many non-payers were the gentry and businesses sent their invoices to the recipients lawyer with the hope that they would prevail upon their client to settle the bill.

    European countries postal rates were cheaper before 1840 giving them an advantage in advertising their goods to a much wider area than their British competitors.

    John pointed out that with the introduction of the 1d post in 1840 it really helped to drive The Industrial Revolution as it opened up commercial opportunities and allowed businesses to send samples, images and far more sheets in the letter of their offerings to customers. Again postage economy played an important role when in 1870 the rate changed to half-penny.

    With the cheaper rates businesses were very keen to show the world the size of their factories and every chimney was belching forth thick black smoke indicating how efficiency and busy they were.

    We were shown material relating to engineering achievements including railway engines, ships, buildings, exhibitions (1851 amongst others) and bridges with a wealth of material relating to the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

    This write up doesn’t do justice to the quality of the material and the presentation but we hope that that won’t deter John from being an in house guest speaker in next year’s programme. The Chairman is advised to ask the Programme Secretary what she can do about that!

    The picture shows Paul Latham-Warde thanking John and presenting him with a society mug and the other showing John relaxing at a committee meeting "at weekends you can call me ... the member who provides the best suggestion will be awarded a free cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit at the next meeting!"

  • 6th April 2016.

    imageMike Carey thanking Carol Turner

    Members were treated to an excellent display of Carol Turner’s (joint) North Borneo collection. Carol, who had travelled from Minehead in Somerset made it clear at the start that she considered it was her late husbands and her joint collection as they had both collected and contributed to the collection over some 40 years.

    North Borneo philately was shown covering the first issues, early airmail, proofs, errors, First World War censored items to name but a few of an extensive collection presented in a very personal way with many amusing anecdotes from their experiences.

  • 30th March 2016.

    imageWinners all with the judge, John Campbell

    Members maintained our tradition of being keen entrants to competitions. We had 15 entries for our 9 Sheet Competition evening and all were of an extremely high standard. This is the envy of many other societies and provides a busy evening for John Campbell, our visiting judge, from Portsmouth.

    Congratulations go to Claire Scott (Traditional and Best in Show), David Ashby (Postal History), Mike Carey (Thematics), Alan Wood (Social), Colin French (Novice) and Paul Latham-Warde (Cinderella).

  • 23rd March 2016.

    imagePat and Caroline Campbell with their commemorative coffee mugs at the Grasmere Hotel

    In perfect weather 32 Members and Visitors attended our day meeting at the Grasmere Hotel. With 22 people displaying it was a feast of philatelic delights; too many to list. No matter if you collected postal history, revenues, thematics, postal stationery or traditional stamps it was all covered in abundance.

    The only sad element to the day was that it was Pat and Caroline Campbell’s last meeting before they move ‘up North’. To thank them both for their many years of commitment to our Society we presented them both with one of our commemorative coffee mugs.

  • 16 Mar 2016

    imageTrevor Buckell being thanked for his display

    Members were entertained by an excellent evening display given by our own Trevor Buckell entitled ‘Unusual Airs’. Trevor covered 20 different pioneering airmail routes and companies. Most sounded like tales from the ‘Boys Own’ magazine for their adventures, risks and sheer nerve. As would be expected some ended in tragedy.

    Trevor provided each of us with a booklet so that we could keep up. An excellent evening was further enhanced by Mike Moody being able to rejoin us; this was the icing on a great meeting.

  • 10 Feb 2016

    image A full house entertained by Jeremy Martin

    Our February meeting saw yet another full house and that’s not a surprise given we all know that Jeremy Martin always displays such wonderful material. Jeremy gave a whistle stop tour around our local villages, some of which we hadn’t heard of, and showed examples of cancellations long gone.

    The second half of the evening was made up of Members showing their own material. We saw material from Peter James, Pat Campell, Ivan Holliday, David Ashby, Tony Howgrave-Graham, John Scott, Trevor Buckell, Alan Wood, Mike Carey, Ed Coombes and Paul Latham-Warde. Phew!

    Sadly it was the last meeting for Peter James who is moving. Peter did display some of his Father’s Egyptian material at this meeting. We presented Peter with a Society mug to wish him and Yvonne well and say ‘thank you’ for his work on the Committee.

  • 13 Jan 2016

    Alan Wood with ‘Countries I don’t collect’

    We had an excellent turn out for the first meeting of the New Year. Missing was Mike Moody to whom all Members sent their best wishes for his forthcoming operation. The evening itself was an evening of two halves with Alan Wood continuing his series of displays entitled ‘Countries I don’t collect’. This time it was Morocco. As is always expected from Alan it was a wonderful selection of material from all periods supported by an informative and amusing chat. The second half was Members displays of which nine Members displayed the usual eclectic variety. A particular highlight being key items from the Orange Free State postal history collection formed by Bob Allison. Bob took this opportunity to present the Society with a signed copy of his new book of which is now available for Members from our library. This was greatly appreciated by all Members.

    imageRobert (Bob) Allison RDPSA presenting a signed copy of his book ‘The Postal History of the Orange Free State 1830 – 1900’ to the Chairman