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  • Wednesday 6th December 2017 - Single Sheet Competition and Social Evening with Partners

    A very good turnout for what turned out to be an excellent fun evening.



    A very warm welcome to Craig Patterson our newest member who chose the perfect evening to attend his first meeting. I suspect he now expects drinks and nibbles at every meeting.

    The Chairman was warmly congratulated by all present for his recent election as a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London. This was in recognition for his immense contribution to philately through his work with not only our own society as Chairman but also as Chairman of The Wiltshire & District Philatelic Federation and convenor of the RPSL Wessex Region Day meeting.

    There was keen competition for the ‘J. J. Martin Single Sheet Competition Cup’ with four high class entries. After a recount the winner with ‘Christmas Novelty 'pop out' postcards' was Paul Latham-Warde. When we get the Cup back from last year’s winner, Jeremy will present it to Paul.

    Everyone is to be congratulated for their contribution of food for the evening, with a special thank you to Lindsay for the plates, table covers and napkins and Paul for all the drink. A couple of ‘Gannets’ were observed hoovering up the chocolate biscuits!!! Well they tasted so good.

    Once again The ENSA Officer – Brian Standley, took centre stage and produced questions on popular music, well known personalities and films, or we thought they were well known until it came to marking! There were 3 tables fiercely competing for the Brian Standley Christmas Award (BSCA) a box of Chocolate Orange each. And the winners with 50 points were:
    Birthe Moody, Joan L-W, Craig Patterson, Duncan Pierce, Colin French and Paul L-W.
    Commiserations to the other two tables – maybe next year.

    In closing the Chairman thanked Brian for an excellent evening’s entertainment (and persuaded him to do it again next year) and wished everyone a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

    Last chance give in Lots to Tony H-G for next year’s Annual Auction will be at our next meeting which will be on Wednesday 10 January 2018. The programme is Jeremy Martin – GB Old and New, second half Members’ displays & member’s bourse.

  • Wednesday 22 November 2017 - Meeting

    imageClaire Scott thanking Colin Tabeart for his marvellous presentation

    Our guest speaker, Colin Tabeart showed Travellers in Underwater Steel, the story of submarines in the 20th century. Beginning with the Holland Boats, the first British submarines, he took us through all the early British classes, including a cut-away drawing of an “E” class – the WW1 British workhorse.

    The depot ships needed to service the boats, both mechanically and spiritually, were mentioned, as were the In Memoriam cards produced after all the early accidental disasters. Two frames of U-boats in WW1 included letters from the boat that sank the Lusitania, and the boat that sank the most ships of any submarine, any nation, any war.

    The deadly little mine-laying boats of the Flanders Flotilla, sometimes known as the 'Sisters of Sorrow' on account of their huge losses, amounting to some 80% of their total numbers, received special mention. Some WW1 Italian submarine correspondence was also shown, they being on our side in WW1.

    The second half included USN and Japanese boats of WW2. The very successful USN boats running out of Pacific and Australian bases virtually wiped out the Japanese merchant marine.

    British WW2 submarine covers included one to the CO of one of the boats that towed X-craft across the North Sea to attack the Tirpitz in her Norwegian fjord. U-boats of WW2 included some of the long-distance boats that spent upwards of three months at sea, and some Italian boats that assisted the Axis war effort.

    One letter to a junior officer aboard a U-boat was sent to the U-boat base at Bordeaux, arriving probably just after the boat was lost with all hands attempting to enter the Mediterranean. Another, sent to the CO of an Italian boat, arrived after he was lost with his boat and all his crew.

    Colin then went on to discuss post WW2 British diesel-engined boats followed by the nuclear powered boats that began with HMS Dreadnought and ends (so far) with the 16,000 ton Vanguard Trident Missile boats, with some personal reminiscences.

    An excellent, fascinating, humorous and educational display which was presented so well by Colin.

    Our next meeting – 6th December 2017 - is the single sheet competition and of course our annual Social Evening hosted again by the lad from Runcorn – Brian Standley. See you all there.

  • Wednesday 8th November 2017 – Members’ displays ‘British Commonwealth’ & members bourse

    A quiet evening with members displays covering from Aden to Zanzibar.

  • Wednesday 25 October 2017 - Meeting

    This evening was scheduled to be 'Guest Speaker – Bill Pipe – Railway Company Perfins'. However, Bill reluctantly but understandably cancelled at short notice as his dog had been run over. We all wish the dog a speedy recovery.

    The Chairman contacted members at 5.00pm and asked them to bring in displays on any subject.

    The response was excellent, providing a total of three rounds showing the following subjects:

    • Lindsay GreenLithuania
    • Ed CoombesSalisbury Postcards and Telegrams
    • Jeremy MartinBelgium and Telegrams
    • Paul Latham-WardSlogan Postmarks and Unemployment Stamps Pre National Insurance
    • Colin FrenchBirds of Prey (courtesy of Brian Standley)
    • Alan WoodCountries I don’t collect – Iraq and Palestine
    • Brian StandleyEvent Cancellations and Royalty
    • John ScottStationary of Clifton Bridge and Railways
    • Claire ScottBrunei
    • Trevor BuckellGilbert and Ellis Islands
    • Mike CareyChristmas Island and Malaya

    Thank you all for responding so well at such short notice.

    Next meeting: Wednesday 8th November 2017

    On the programme as Members’ displays ‘the unusual’ & member bourse, however, the Chairman will contact Bill Pipe to see if he is able to give his Railway Company Perfins display. The Secretary will keep you informed.

  • Wednesday 18 October 2017 - Day Meeting

    imageSalisbury and District Philatelic Society - Day Meeting 18 October 2017

    This year’s Day Meeting was again held at the Grasmere Hotel with a very encouraging attendance of 23 philatelists with 3 members unable to make it on the day and 10 apologies.

    All the material shown was of the highest order; the presentations were lively and interesting with a good atmosphere throughout the day with plenty of laughter.

    The organiser and convenor of the day was Tony Howgarth-Graham who did a brilliant job.

    The “bell” which is used to let those displaying know that they were close to their allotted time of 5 minutes was not used, however, it should have been for one member who took 10 minutes to tell the story. A free cup of tea and a biscuit to the first person to give me the name at our next meeting!

    The following 17 people - and what they displayed - are shown below:

    • Chris WheelerVelopost*
    • Colin TabeartWestern Australian Goldfields
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamThe Gerlach Story
    • Colin FaersSouth West Africa
    • John CampbellThurn & Taxis 1852/67
    • Brian HagueWW2 Faroes (Burt Garrison)
    • Malcolm Barton1968 Falklands Flowers
    • Kim StuckleyRegional Wildings
    • Reg GleaveMaritime POW’s
    • Geoff FrostHungary Airmails
    • Jeremy MartinWest Africa Airmails
    • Claire ScottLabuan Crown Issue
    • John ScottPost Office Training Material
    • James PodgerCayman Islands
    • Alan WoodCountries I Don’t Collect (Monaco)
    • Paul Latham-WardCalcutta
    • David WinnieJersey – St Peters

    * Very few of us had heard of Velopost which is a bicycle postal delivery service in Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh. They collect and deliver post within two to three days, at what they claim is a highly competitive cost.

    We enjoyed a good buffet lunch.

    In closing the Chairman thanked Tony for an excellent day.

  • Wednesday 5th October 2017 - Meeting

    This evenings meeting “Members’ displays, ‘the unusual’ & members’ bourse” certainly provided the unusual from a vast range of material.

    There were:

    Cigarette cards showing Alice in Wonderland ( not stamps, nonetheless very collectable).

    A complete set of German East Africa stamps.

    South African stamps and cancellations showing the railways they travelled on and the stations from where they were collected and delivered.

    A cover with a pair of 1d blacks dated November 1840 that eventually found its way back to the family after an absence of some 170 years – how unusual and remarkable is that?

    One of the best German ‘Stadt’ label collections in this country. The labels were used by various departments within the town council to seal the back of envelopes.

    A collection of barbed wire stamps, well to be precise stamps showing barbed wire within their design.

    A “Poached Egg” stamp used on cover.

    The backside (as the presenter put it (BS)) of envelopes showing coats of arms/insignia/badges of various regiments of the British Army including a cover with the logo of The Australian Flying Corps.

    Postal Stationary/reply cards, GV1 coronation cover, Belgian WW1.

    Death and lots of gin – On the wagon off the wagon and finally an assortment of hand stamps that we were all invited to use (create your own postal history!) with envelopes and stamps to try them on – great fun.

    A very entertaining evening.

    imageAlthough injured the Society’s best player still turned up for practice

    Next meeting: Tuesday 12th October 2017, DAY MEETING, if not already booked please contact Tony H-G.

  • Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Meeting

    The Chairman welcomed 16 members and 4 guests for the society’s first guest speaker meeting of the season with John Scott presenting The Evolution of the Post Card.

    The chairman then welcomed our newest member, Duncan Pierce and hoped he enjoys his time in the society.

    This was followed by the chairman presenting Tony Howgrave-Graham with the two Wiltshire Federation cups he had won at Swinpex earlier in the year namely:
    The General Class Cup with ‘The British Occupation of the Orange Free State’ and the Postal History Class with ‘Guadeloupe’

    imagePaul L-W presenting Tony H-G with the Wiltshire and District Philatelic Society’s 9 Sheet General Class Cup and The Postal History Class Cup

    John Scott gave us an intriguing and detailed history of the post card, showing a vast amount of excellent material, many of it being unique. They were introduced in Great Britain in 1870 and John started on a very high note with a first day post card of 1st October 1870. It is amazing how the craze of sending post cards caught on and 75 million were sent in the first year! The first Christmas card was sent in 1871. We saw picture postcards, visiting cards, handmade cards even luggage labels were used. All sorts of material was used to make a postcard from cardboard, shingle roof tile, wood, peat, jute, linen, leather, aluminium and celluloid to mention a few.

    There were different types of cards such as novelty cards, gelatined, transparograph, aristophot, hold-to-light, kutan, magic, stereoscopic. The mechanical cards included those that used a slide or wheel to raise a man’s hat showing an empty brain whilst others had peoples tongues sticking out. Although these were great fun the Post Office had a different view and the regulations did not allow a card to be changed or altered and it attracted a surcharge. The surcharge on its own must have made a fortune.

    In the year 1908-09 860million cards were sent through the post. John showed some panoramic cards that were photographs of sorting offices and general post office views. The 3D cards were very delicate and it was amazing that they were in such fin condition after all those years. They showed animals and birds in particular.

    A wonderful and educational display that we all enjoyed.

    imageThree philatelic widows being instructed in the finer points of philately by Claire Scott

    imageMembers viewing

    Next meeting: Wednesday 4th October 2017, Members’ displays ‘the unusual’ & member bourse.

  • Wednesday 13th September 2017 - Meeting

    imagePaul L-W presenting Lindsay Green with the Wiltshire and District Philatelic Society’s 9 Sheet Thematic Cup

    The society’s first meeting of the season had a very good turnout considering there were nine apologies. Especially pleasing was to welcome Duncan Pierce on his first visit and we hope he decides to join the Society. His interests are BC with Australia, New Zealand and Canada as his main areas.

    The evening began with the Chairman congratulating Tony Howgrave-Graham and Lindsay Green for their winning entries in the 9 sheet competition at Swinpex earlier in the year.

    Tony H-G won both the General Class with ‘The British Occupation of the Orange Free State’ and the Postal History Class with ‘Guadeloupe’, whilst Lindsay Green won the Thematic Class with ‘The Quantity of Life’.

    The Chairman was able to present Lindsay with her well-deserved cup. Tony H-G was away so his cups will be presented at our next meeting on 27th September 2017.

    The subject of the evening was ‘Members’ recent acquisitions & members’ bourse’.

    We had a wide range of material including Australian Maritime, Countries that no longer exist, Slogan Postmarks, The Great War, Storm Postcard reports, Wiltshire Camp Postmarks, a very wide PPC, French Items, Bogus stamps, Channel Islands. KGV1 varieties, Birds of the Channel Islands and RAF Censorship cachets.

    Next meeting: Wednesday 27 September 2017, Guest speaker John Scott- The Evolution of the Post Card. Looking forward to seeing you there with a guest/partner.

  • Wednesday 24th May 2017 - Meeting

    imagePaul Latham-Warde congratulating David Ashby for winning the 16 sheet competition with his display of "The Torres Straights Route"

    This was the last meeting of the season and started with the AGM which took exactly the same amount of time as last year – 20 minutes.

    This was followed by the 16 Sheet Competition where the members judged the 5 excellent entries and selected (by a close margin) David Ashby’s ‘The Torres Straight Route

    The final part of the evening was two rounds of Members displays beginning with the letters Q R & S. As usual we had a very diverse spread of material ranging from Papua New Guinea to Quite Rare Stamps

    The Chairman thanked everyone for attending throughout the season and wished them all a pleasant summer.

    Our next – and first meeting of the new season - will be on Wednesday 13 September 2017. Remember to bring a guest!

  • Wednesday 10th May 2017 - Meeting

    imageLindsay Green presenting Graham Mark with a Society mug and certificate

    Graham Mark showed his remarkable display of Prisoners of War in British hands during WW1, which is also the title of his book on the subject.

    This is a story of German civilians and military (plus other foreign nationals) who were imprisoned at the outbreak of WW1 and the camps they were held in.

    The fact that none of our members had ever seen any of the Prisoner of War cachets before certainly grabbed everyone's attention as did learning that there were so many major camps and labour camps throughout the British Isles.

    The following is a summary from Graham:

    The British Government appears to have had no plans for the accommodation and control of PoWs at the outbreak of WWI.

    With the great retreat to the Marne the numbers captured were relatively small but those who were captured had to be held in extemporised camps and ships in the winter 1914-15. The same was true of civilians of enemy nationality (and there were many thousands of them).

    The mails from and to the camps are not very attractive visually, and the contents when present do no usually tell much of a story because there were restrictions on what they were allowed to write about and the censorship which was practically 100%. However the censorship markings on the mails provide some interest while the stories of the camps themselves and some of their inmates are the backbone of my presentation.

    With nearly 60 major camps and over 650 labour 'camps' in this country I have a wide field to draw upon.

    A very interesting evening.

  • Wednesday 19th April 2017 - Meeting

    imagePaul Latham-Warde presenting the society’s Thematic Cup to Lindsay Green

    imageColin French presenting Dane with the society’s certificate and mug.

    Guest speaker – Dane Garrod
    “Your very loving Madeline”

    Dane showed the results (so far) of his research into the families/fortunes and the marriage between Sir James (Joe) Drummond and Madeline from 1872 to 1913.

    The presentation was a wonderful insight into not only the main story but of Dane’s anecdotes describing his trials/ tribulations and huge successes whilst tracking down and further substantiating information over a thirty year period and still ongoing!

    The following is Dane’s resume of his display:

    Your Very Loving Madeline

    With the death in January 1970 of the only son of Sir James (Joe) Drummond and his wife, Madeline, their line became extinct and their Carmarthenshire mansion, Edwinsford, fell further into decay and ruin. Although apparently stripped of all fixtures and fittings by the mid-1980s, an immense cache of all the correspondence between Madeline and Joe, and from their relatives and friends for the period 1872 to 1913 was allegedly discovered in an estate outbuilding, and soon dispersed through the philatelic market.

    This display is but a small part of the challenging and rewarding gathering together again of this correspondence and other relevant material, enabling an evaluation of Joe and Madeline’s place in the highest levels of British society, and family involvement with military service in India and in the South African War. Additionally, there is a Victorian/Edwardian period love story to be told, of a 41-year old widow with seven children marrying a man nearly ten years younger for love, and to be covered in depth in a book of the same name.

    On the display boards will be letters to the teenage Sir James Drummond expressing admiration and instructions to “burn this instantly” - fortunately he did not - and progress through letters to and from his wife, Madeline, as well as correspondence from Simla, India, and outside Ladysmith, Natal, in the important year at the turn of the century. There is correspondence from Madeline’s close friends, Princess Helena, and Constance, Countess of Derby, and concludes with her unexpected death, and beyond. These all show various facets of mail transmission, including travel in a Diplomatic Bag, sorting in a Great Northern Railway train, and unusual and rarely found village postmarks of the period.

    An excellent evening enjoyed by both members and their guests.

  • Wednesday 5th April 2017 - Auction

    Look here for the Annual Auction report for this year.

  • Wednesday 22 March 2017 - Meeting

    Members single frame evening and 9 Sheet Competition.

    imageJohn Campbell presenting Tony Howgarth-Graham with the Traditional Class Cup, the first of 3 cups that Tony won on the night

    imageJohn Campbell presenting Lindsay Green with the Thematic Cup

    imageJohn Campbell presenting Colin French with the Social Philately Cup

    imageJohn Campbell presenting Paul Latham-Wards with the Cinderella Class Cup

    Entries for the 9 Sheet Competition were displayed and John Campbell, who had very kindly travelled from Portsmouth to judge the entries, was kept busy for an hour or so marking them.

    During this time we had a chance to look at a large selection of lots for our forthcoming Annual Auction (Wednesday 5th April 2017) that our auctioneer Tony Howgarth-Graham had brought along.

    We were also treated to a 9 sheet mixture of philately from David Arundale which included: Early Pakistan, the irony of the Single European Market stamp of GB issued in 1982 and an unusual selection of stamps from the Galapagos Islands.

    Paul Latham-Warde showed the box that contained his father’s WWII medals that arrived in 1948, only 3 years after the war!

    Shock, horror, we also had a couple of admissions from Paul Latham-Warde: of a convicted criminal (3 times over!!!) skeleton in his family’s cupboard, and that that Latham-Warde was not really his name!

    To find out more, just turn up to the society’s next two meetings for full disclosure from Paul (on a one-to-one basis).

    Competition Winners for Salisbury and District Philatelic Society 2017.

    • Best in Show.Tony Howgrave-Graham with ‘Guadeloupe’.
    • Traditional Class.Tony Howgrave-Graham with ‘Orange Free State’.
    • Postal History Class.Tony Howgrave-Graham with ‘Guadeloupe’.
    • Aerophilately Class.Paul Latham-Warde with ‘Rotary-Wing flight; the first 25 years’.
    • Social Philately Class.Colin French with ‘British Slogan Cancellations’.
    • Cinderella Class.Paul Latham-Warde with ‘GB Unemployment Revenues’.
    • Thematic.Lindsay Green with ‘The Quantity of Human Life’.

    The Chairman congratulated the winners, thanked John Campbell for his time in judging the competition and hoped he would be available next year.

    Looking forward to seeing you all at the Auction on Wednesday 5th April 2017.

  • Wednesday 15 March 2017 – Day Meeting

    imageSalisbury and District Philatelic Society - Day Meeting 17 March 2017

    This year’s Day Meeting was again held at the Grasmere Hotel with a very encouraging attendance of 29 philatelists.

    All the material shown was of the highest order; the presentations were lively and interesting with a good atmosphere throughout the day with plenty of laughter.

    The organiser and convenor of the day was Tony Howgarth-Graham who did a brilliant job. He occasionally resorted to using the 'bell' to let those displaying know that they were close to their allotted time of 5 minutes which was taken in good spirit.

    The following 21 people and what they displayed are shown below:

    • Paul Latham-WardGB Unemployment Revenues
    • David WinnieGuernsey – Rouge Baton Post Office
    • Colin TabeartAustralian Goldfields
    • Chris WheelerPost Crossing *
    • John CampbellThurn & Taxis
    • Jean AlexanderStamp Advisory Committee Christmas Lunch signed menus from 1977 to 2000
    • Crawford AlexanderPostal History of Argentina
    • Geoff FrostThe Bodensee
    • Brian StandleySomething Different
    • Malcolm BartonPostal History of Tasmania (1899 – 1912)
    • David AshbyAustralian Mail via the Torres Strait
    • Tony StanfordMuscat and Dubai
    • Barry HobbsBolivian TPO’s
    • Wendy BuckleStamp Printers
    • Alan WoodPoland
    • Jeremy Martin1953 Definitive issues of Nigeria
    • Bill WebbGB Victorian Envelopes
    • Steve EvansWhy I collect stamps
    • Albert JacksonUndercover Parcel Service
    • Charles LeonardRussian Charity Stamps
    • Tony Howgarth-GrahamQV 1d Blacks, 2d Blues and 1d Reds check letter 'H G'

    * Post Crossing, a new form of collecting (modern craze) – sending and receiving postcards, that the majority of those present had never heard of. Check it out on Google. Started in 2005 it has a current membership of 660,000 which is growing daily. By 2008 40 million postcards had been sent/received and it is estimated that at any one time there are 43,441 cards in the post worldwide. This is an excellent potential for societies to gain new philatelic members. Let me know how you get on.

    We enjoyed a good buffet lunch and finished the day with a photo call having the cathedral as the background.

    In closing the Chairman thanked Tony for an excellent day.

  • Wednesday 8 March 2017 – Meeting

    imageMike Moody thanking Mike Hill and presenting him with the Society’s certificate and mug. They are clearly not in regulation Brownies uniform!

    imageMike Hill showing off his newly acquired mug to the Society’s members and our two guests – Kim Stuckey and Wilf Vevers

    This evenings guest speaker was Lt Cdr (Retd) Mike Hill RN who gave a very interesting display on his philatelic experiences whilst serving during the Falklands War in the South Atlantic.

    Mike started by telling us that having served 35 years in the Royal Navy he was about to take advantage of a redundancy package that was on offer in April 1982.

    He put his papers in and was accepted, giving the Navy a preferred final date of service as 4 May 1983 hoping that pensions would rise in April that year. At this time he was serving in Bristol and taking advantage of all the service courses that he was eligible for prior to arriving in civvy street.

    However, this state of bliss was not to last very long once Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. Mike was ordered to the MOD in London for a conference two days later and told to be ready to deploy! He vacated his lodgings and packed his car.

    The conference he attended was regarding the monumental job of supplying the force with everything they would need during the conflict from nuts/bolts/screws/toilet paper/engines to food. It was also at this meeting that he advised the MOD to purchase the currently rented vessel for £35m which they did.

    It was the ship he was to serve in throughout the conflict once he had flown out to join it in Charleston USA.

    From that point we were shown a variety of philately which plotted his journey from the USA to the Falklands including stamps from Ascension Islands, where he bought full sets of everything they had including a Specimen set. Once in the conflict area he was instrumental in starting the use of 'Blueys' - this is the free post used by British forces when on active service, which coincidentally has just been withdrawn thereby saving the MOD about £1m. In my opinion a low cost for such an excellent morale booster. The Blueys Mike displayed had just about every cachet used by Royal Navy ships in the Falklands thanks to the friends Mike had on most of the ships, including his own 'mark' of a penguin.

    Mike was able to go ashore and visit the Port Stanley post office in the Falklands and literally pick up interesting philatelic ephemera off the floor as well as buying a sheet of everything they had in stock!

    An interesting personal account with humorous anecdotes throughout of 'The Falklands Campaign through the eyes of a collector who took part'.

  • Sunday 26 February 2017 - from Colin French

    imageVictorian postbox in Honiton

    Paul went to India to find interesting Post Boxes - I found this VR one in Honiton. Do we have any Post Box 'collectors' and if so where else can we find more (other than QE11) locally?


  • Wednesday 15 February 2017 – Meeting

    imageJeremy Martin on right having presented K U & T

    The meeting began with Jeremy Martin taking the first half showing Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika (apparently as requested by a couple of 'old Africa hands').

    Jeremy started with the 1935 amalgamation of Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika issues pointing out the lovely designs and beautiful colours. We were treated to various varieties – rope detached from sail and mountain retouch to name two. Postage Dues were difficult to list as they were printed on many types of paper by four separate printers. Other subjects were: Postal Stationary, Railway,. Recess printing and the 1943 KGV1 emergency issues produced by wartime printers. Then followed examples of the authorised use of South African stamps overprinted, QE11 booklets and finally some WW11 censorship marks and stationary from the Mau Mau period.

    An excellent display covering KUT.

    The second half of the evening was given over to members’ displays and members’ bourse.

    • Alan WoodPages from Punch all depicting a philatelic theme
    • Trevor BuckellImperial Airway African routes from 1937
    • Tony Howgrave-GrahamGB QV Experimental Postmarks
    • Mike MoodyPhotographs of stamps, Propaganda & GB Coronation ephemera
    • Paul Latham-WardeIndian post boxes, Valentine greeting telegram forms with a used 1st Valentine telegram of 1936.

    Our next meeting is Wednesday 8th March 2017 when our guest speaker – Lt Cdr (retd) Mike Hill RN subject is 'The Falklands Campaign through the eyes of a collector who took part'. Looking forward to a good turnout and seeing you all there.

  • Chairman stamps around India

    imageYour Chairman posting a letter from his recent trip to Kolkata. Will it arrive before this weeks meeting? If so I will bring it along. Don’t forget the first half of the evening is Jeremy Martin with Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika followed by Members displays. Hope to see you there.

  • Wednesday 18 January 2017 - Meeting

    imageMike Carey thanking Alan Wood for his presentation

    There was a good turnout for our first meeting of 2017 with 16 members present and 3 apologies.

    The evening was split into 2 parts – the first half being Alan Wood entertaining us with not one but two 'countries that I don’t collect'. The first was British Guiana with an interesting story behind the only one of the one cent BG, the second being burnt by the owner (who had both) so ensuring that there only ever would be ONE. Although Alan was not that person he showed some excellent material.

    This was followed by Heligoland which we learnt only issued 21 stamps, with just 8 not being subject to either forgery or reprinting. Alan advised us to keep an eye out for the 5 schilling stamp as it was quite valuable. The hunt is on.

    The remainder of the evening was members showing a whole range of philatelic material:

    • Trevor Buckell:Cape of Good Hope and Airmails carried by the Sabena airline to and from the Belgian Congo and Europe starting in 1927.
    • Jeremy Martin:The Elephants and Palm issue of The Gambia.
    • David Ashley:Royal Navy ship mail sent from the Crimean War zones of Crimea, The Black Sea, The White Sea and the Far East.
    • Ed Coombs:Postcards, Railway, Scouts and a telegram
    • Mike Carey:Malaya.
    • Eric Daffern:Bishop Marks.
    • Tony Howgrave-Graham:South Africa, Natal
    • Mike Moody:The death of George V

    Next meeting is Wednesday 15th February 2017 when Jeremy Martin will be showing material during the first half whilst the second half will be members' displays and members' bourse.